Rap Dads is an ongoing film photo series and hand written account by yours truly in conjunction with dads who rap, produce, and work in the hip hop industry.

I travel to the homes of individuals in the hip hop world and photograph them with their children on 35mm Kodak film, have the children draw pictures of their father with crayons, and ask both the fathers and their children to fill out questionnaires about music, their lives, and fatherhood.

These unedited, raw snapshots and hand written accounts provide an intimate look into the side of rappers, producers, and executives' lives we rarely get to see.

Some rappers leave the stage and head to the store to buy diapers. Some producers spend their royalties on baby food. Some managers say goodnight to their children via facetime before concerts.

To take a page out of Frank Ocean's lyric book, these humans have three lives balanced on their heads like steak knives- their life as a father, as an individual, and as an artist.