What: COLORS 2 Year Experience

Where: Mid-City Los Angeles

When: Friday, March 4th

Film maker, entrepreneur, and visionary Jabari Johnson began COLORS because he was sick of attending events where everyone was sitting, no one was dancing, and the VIP section and dress code excluded people. The monthly party began in Los Angeles but is also held in DC and New York.

For the 2 year anniversary of the event, Jabari hosted a large crowd (over 1,000 people) at Union in Mid-City. The Hip Hop spun by DJ Printz, Supreme The DJ, and DJ Spicoli filled the hot, sticky, humid air. I arrived just after midnight, right on time to see Compton, California MC AD hit the stage.

The crowd was a mix of couples (if even for the night) bumping and grinding, individuals vibing out solo, and groups of friends circled up, dancing.  To my left, a young man wiped the sweat off of his face while carefully concentrating on the rhythm of the woman bent over in front of him. Lips on sweaty faces mouthing the words to their favorite tracks and glimpses of smiles were illuminated by red and blue streams of light, spilling from the rafters.

Everyone was free- truly enjoying the moment, not giving a damn about what others thought.

I brought my film camera and snapped some pics. Here’s what I saw: