Rap Dad: House Shoes 

Location: His apartment in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

House Shoes, born Michael Buchanan, is a producer and DJ from Detroit, Michigan, and is the founder and CEO of a record label called Street Corner Music. House Shoes has lived in Los Angeles for the past 11 years and is a single father of two children- James (8 years old at the time of photos) and Eliana (4 years old at the time of photos). I'd known of House Shoes for some time, and was reminded about his life as a father after seeing him amongst an impressive line up of DJs at Adrian Younge's The Artform Studio grand opening this past spring. I tracked down his email and asked him to participate in Rap Dads, to which he quickly replied, "Amazing. Definitely in." So, I traveled to his apartment in Koreatown on a sunny 2017 Summer afternoon to meet him and his two children. Eliana answered the buttercream colored door with a huge smile on her face, and instantly began showing me her tablet and the plethora of games it held. James sat with his father against one of the many vinyl-lined walls and told me he heard we were going to take photos. 
House Shoes and I didn't say a word to each other until I was sitting on the floor of his apartment and I finally had a chance to look up from the kids. We met eyes and just laughed, reveling in the kids' excitement. Eliana and James nearly sat on top of me as I showed them how to use my camera and demonstrated how to load the film. Eliana even grabbed the camera and snapped a photo of me. 
House Shoes, James, and Eliana sat and worked on their questionnaires in relative silence until James declared, "This feels like homework!" Once the kids were done with the summer work I'd dished out, the trio headed out to the not-so-warm pool out back where Eliana fearlessly dunked herself in the cold water while James needed a literal push from his father who jumped in behind him.