Rap Dad: Myke Bogan 

Location: Myke’ parent’s house in Northridge, California

Myke Bogan, who raps under his given name, is a solo artist and is about to release his debut album, Pool Party. Having spent time in Montana and Portland, Oregon, Myke is currently living in his hometown along with his children- Takai (7.5 years old at the time of photos) and Tayvian (5 years old at the time of photos).
Although I'd heard his name around Portland for years, my first time meeting Myke was on this rainy spring day earlier this year. Our mutual friend, producer Calvin Valentine, put me in touch with Myke after hearing about Rap Dads.
"Are you sure Northridge isn't too far?" asked Myke as we set up a time to meet.
I made the hour-long trek North to Myke's parent's house where he and his children live. The rain gave my car a nice wash on the way and a mudslide brought a little excitement to the journey.
When I arrived, Myke's children were shy at first, but quickly warmed up. Half-way through my time at the house, Myke's father Mike entered, kindly greeted me and offered me a drink, then chastised his son for not offering me a drink, which Myke had actually already done. True gentlemen.