Rap Dad: Scarub

Location: Scarub's house in Northeast Los Angeles, CA

Scarub, born Armon Collins, is a member of the West Coast rap group Living Legends and leads a successful career as a solo artist. His two children, Indigo (15 years-old at the time of photos) and El Leon (6 years-old at the time of photos), were stoked to participate in Rap Dads. 
Scarub is a dear friend whose lifestyle served as inspiration for this project. A few texts was all it took to set up a day for me to come to his home and photograph him and his children.
I convinced my old Honda to crawl up the hill on which he lives and arrived at his house a little after one on a Saturday in March 2016. Scarub greeted me at the door with El’ Leon on his heels. Indigo, in her always mellow mood, waved and smiled from the kitchen table.  
The four of us embarked on a walk around their block, a near-daily ritual with Scarub and his kids in the summer,  and eventually ended up back at their home where they drew pictures of their father and filled out questionnaires.
Over time I realized one question was missing from the father's questionnaires, so I added it.
"Who couldn't you do this without?" I asked.
Scarub answered, "I couldn't do this without my immediate family... my parents, sister, aunt, and cousin."