Rap Dad: Thurz

Location: Thurz's house in Inglewood, CA 

Thurz, born Yannick Koffi, is a rapper, creator, and curator of Party In My Living Room, a house party series thrown in Los Angeles, CA. He's a father to two children- Yanai (9 years old at the time of photos) and Kingston (2 years old at the time of photos). 
I don't recall how I met Thurz, or even if this was our first time meeting, but he's someone I've known of for a long time. When I told him about Rap Dads via email, he simply replied, "I'm down." So, I travelled out to his family's home in Inglewood, California on a Monday in May 2016 to photograph he and his two children. Yanai had just finished school work and danced around the living room while Kingston proudly showed me his new toy cars. 
The three of them sat at the dining room table, drew pictures, and filled out their questionnaires. Once Kingston had finished his drawing, we headed to their backyard where I shot photos while they blew bubbles into the haze of the golden hour. Eventually, the ever-busy trio had to leave for Yanai's track practice, but not before washing the spilled bubbles off of Kingston's hands.  
Over time I realized one question was missing from the father's questionnaires, so I added it.
"Who couldn't you do this without?" I asked.
Thurz answered it via text message, "I couldn't do this without my lady Koke. She's been down since the beginning and has helped me grow as a human and father. She's an example of resilience and selflessness."